One executable. All your files in virtual filesystem.

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With a few mouse clicks and minimal input you can prepare the build of your project.

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In matter of minutes you have created your own virtualized application.

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Distribution of your software is easy, only one single executable has to be delivered.

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No need to install. Your application or game runs directly in the virtual file system.

Excellent program. It decreased my game file size by over 50%, and packaged it all into one exe. It decrypts pretty quickly too. :)
Great Product! It works perfectly, and its well worth its price!
I just wanted to say that your software looks really cool, both aesthetically and technically. Keep up the good work!
Just bought Smart Packer Pro and I think it's great. It's really easy to use.
Thank you for your always quick responses to my emails.
Great customer service! They fixed a problem not too long ago...
And again, support in less than 30 minutes, thanks a lot!
Purchased, another satisfied customer.
Already bought it, and am very happy with it :)